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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 10, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PST

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20 $7. another round of weather is set set to hit the bay area. people are still cleaning up from the wind and rain and flooding that was all over the weekend and now it's time to get ready for more. were tracking the next one heading our way. what we asked to act. >> we can expect another round of strong winds and also heavy rain. one to 2 inches for most of the bay. three to 5 inches for the coastal areas. the coastal flood advisory in effect and we do expect to see wind gusts by the afternoon. 40 to 50 miles per hour's even higher than that in some higher elevations. now widespread light rain
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throughout most of our north based on santa rosa touching down into parts of know very. as we go to the rest of the night we will continue to see more and more rain developing. by the time you get up and had to work expect heavier pockets and to need your umbrella all day. this is an all-day event. some of the heaviest rain will come down around lunch hour. that will be closer to 4:00 to 5:00 and continuing to tuesday night. coming up will take a closer look into your forecast. the north northbay seems to be hardest hit from the storm. the several homes are still underwater. >> some people are using boats in order to get around. >> the rain continues to come down and it continues to come down hard. outstanding around a foot of water right here but you go a matter of feet from where i'm standing and that's the peewee
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golf and arcade location. they have at least 2 feet on the wall and i can see looking in the windows there is water inside. it is good to continue doing outside and has many in this area very concerned. >> coming up the driveway really fast. >> those in some neighborhoods say they have taken to boats. >> it's in people's front yards and backyards. >> if the river holds it will go back down and it will be fine. >> monday night the rain continues adding water to an area that is flooded home after home. in fact that more than 500 homes are in harm's way in or near greenville. this is what the area looks like monday afternoon as the russian river water levels rose. >> you can have any fear you just watch it and keep your eye on it and don't let it surprise you. >> frank murphy is part of a small group living a mile down this flooded road.
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they voted to the end of the street to get medical supplies will some have evacuated many have not. murphy says everyone is watching the water levels and helping one another as they do so. >> people have been able to help m(çs=sñ each other. >> that is what we do. that's what happens in a flood. you fight of your neighbors are. >> as long as mother nature holds back and they don't any the dam. >> tonight police are trying to figure out if the if -- if the weather may have played a role in a crash from marine county. this video is from her helicopter partnership. the crash was reported to emergency responders a little after a 30 -- 8:30 a.m. the suv was found submerged in the water with the drivers by the inside. no word yet on what caused the
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crash. a driver whose cab lost control has been identified. he died on saturday with his cap crashed into the water near the open airport. these are pictures from the fire department. it happened about 5:00 in the morning during the rain storm. it's unclear exactly what caused the car to go into the water. the public works department responded to more than 600 storm related incidents between saturday and sunday and now the county crews are bracing for the next storm. >> factor in the king tied. there back. we have a story from the area notorious from flooding -- for flooding. >> the drivers are being warned. the manzanita park-and-ride is closed due to the forecast of high tide and flooding. >> that every area consistently floods almost anytime there is a moderate to heavy rain. marin county is expecting high tide until next sunday.
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this is video of previous flooding at the park-and-ride. the county wants to avoid any stalled vehicle. >> there are extensive portions of the roadway especially via the park-and-ride where you have to slow down or you may hydroplane. >> the low-lying areas. roadways underpasses and coastal trails are being carefully monitored put some folks are trying to get away from all this rain. >> will say goodbye to the storm. >> in this particular area is known to flood. the barricade and signs are posted everywhere. >> maybe be better turned into some type of a park or another natural space. i have seen herons in that little strip between with the park and ride is in the freeway catching fish and toads. a historic tree that stood for so long as is no longer
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standing thanks to yesterday's historic storm. that used it used to feature a drive-through whole heart into the trunk. what is left is known as the pioneer cabinet tunnel jury and it was the highlight of bigotry state park in calaveras county. the rain and heavy when it's too much with a giant sequoia that was uprooted and fell. volunteers of the parks in the tree literally shattered on impact. the actual cause of the tree falling over has not been confirmed the park volunteers say the shallow root system was unable to withstand the rain which flooded the park. and san francisco fallen trees have hit cars and damaged homes and taken away. arborist say it's important to maintain trees as you would preventative care and medicine to make sure to trim along with -- long limbs. also it's important to update to check for cracks in the wood and topsoil that have made -- that
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may have raised roots to one side. in napa county on monday there was a rock slide along silverado trail just to the north of st. helena. this rockslide happened to in the afternoon and it was volcanic ash that fell onto the roadway. crews were able to clear it evening but because there is more of the stuff up on the top of the hill threatening to fall to the roadway they are keeping silverado trail close until at least tuesday morning when they will reevaluate. as we have been telling you there is another round of wild weather on the way. parts of the bay area already getting a light we live in a pick and choose world.
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we are tracking another round of rain that has been pretty steady throughout most of the afternoon now and the evening. this will continue in to tonight. we are seeing rainfall at this time of future cast showing us for the rest of the night more rain is expected to move
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through. you see the yellow and orange that is heavy rain expected to come down and this will be true by the time you commuted to work at also as you are heading out for lunch and heading home from work to. by 5:00 p.m. some of the heaviest rain will be right over our north bay's owner east based it down toward san francisco and toward the peninsula as well. flash flood watch in the fact in addition to want to do inches of rain expected for most of the area. three to 6 inches a possibility for a coastal hills it's mainly for the coastal hills. we will also see strong winds bistro tomorrow which could bring trees down once again. that has been a dangerous situation for us. closer to 7:00 p.m. we will see wind gusts almost at 35 miles per hour right along the coast. things will start to taper down as we go into late tuesday night and into wednesday. our future rain is about an inch to an inch and half. is a paid presentation
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